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Scent Descriptions


Since all our products are handmade, color, shape, and appearance may vary.


Our candles are hand poured in Saint Charles, Iowa with soy wax. We chose to use soy wax, rather than paraffin wax because it burns cleaner and longer, is derived from soybeans rather than petroleum, is 100% biodegradable, and supports American soybean farmers. These scents may change through the year.

  • Apple Maple Bourbon - A warm apple scent with undertones of maple and bourbon. A classic autumn scent with year-round appeal.
  • Blackberry and Amber - Juicy blackberry fragrance balanced with hints of rich amber.
  • Brandied Pear - A crisp pear scent with light undertones of nutmeg and brandy.
  • Caribbean Teakwood - A complex masculine scent blending spicy top notes with a deep woody base.
  • Christmas Morning - Pine and fir blended with orange peel and spice.
  • Cinnamon Strudel - A cinnamon scent with a hint of butter and vanilla. 
  • Coconut and Cedar - A soft toasted coconut scent blended with a rich cedar fragrance.
  • Coconut Lime Verbena - A clean and fresh scent. Strong coconut base with lime and a light floral undertone.
  • Cranberry Marmalade - A tart yet comforting cranberry scent with traces of warm apple.
  • Cranberry Woods - Crisp cranberries and tart currant with notes of herbs.
  • Creme Brulee - Warm creamy custard and caramel aroma.
  • Fallen Leaves - An autumn classic, crisp but comforting fragrance. 
  • Flannel - A clean and comforting blend with elements of light citrus, green notes, lavender and jasmine on a base of woods and soft musk.
  • French Lilac - Gentle spring scent that captures the essence of lilacs at peak bloom.
  • Honeysuckle Jasmine - A strong, well-rounded floral spring scent.
  • Lavender - A strong aroma of fresh lavender blossoms. Excellent calming comfortable scent. 
  • Oakmoss - Base notes of earthy oakmoss with hints of sage, lavender, and grapefruit. Excellent masculine scent.
  • Orange Blossom - Strong citrus scent with light floral undertones.
  • Orange and Cranberry - Citrus with tart cranberry accents. 
  • Patchouli - Standard earthy patchouli scent.
  • Patchouli and Vanilla - Deep patchouli base with soft and smooth undertones of vanilla.
  • Pumpkin Chai - An autumn favorite that smells of pumpkin with overtones of chai tea and hints of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg.
  • Peach - A straight forward juicy peach scent. Outstanding spring and summer scent.
  • Sandalwood and Ginger - Classic Sandalwood base with warm undertones of ginger.                          
  • Sea Salt and Orchid - A subtle yet sweet floral springtime scent 
  • Sugar Plum - A warm fruity scent with a hint of vanilla and amber that blends amazingly with the base note of plum.
  • Vanilla - A strong natural vanilla scent. 
  • Vanilla Latte - Smells like a coffee shop in a candle.
  • White Tea and Ginger - A sophisticated uplifting fragrance featuring notes of bergamot, white tea and jasmine with warm undertones of ginger.  
  • Winter Woods - A winter pine scent with undertones of birch and other woods.

                            Goat Milk and Duck Egg Soaps

                            We make all of our goat milk soap by hand with raw goat milk from our herd of American Dairy Goat Association registered Nubian goats. All ingredients used in our soaps are FDA approved. Our soaps are only for external use only. Avoid contact with your eyes.