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Our lovely, hardworking ladies make up the bulk of our herd. We are eager to see how our herd will develop in the years to come with this great group of does providing the foundation. All the Does on this page are purebred Nubians registered with the ADGA. Herd tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes in February 2024.

Wayward Saints Kam Mary Lou (Polled)

Sire: Till-Riv I K Polled Kameron
Dam: Jasper Farm OH Gwenda
Mary Lou was the first goat born on our farm. She is a great mother, and excellent milk producer and has a sweet temperament. Alpha-s1 Casein: A/B
G6S normal by parentage.

Jasper Farm ML Penny

DOB 03/14/19
Sire: Jasper Farm OM Lorenzo
Dam: J&J Livestock EST Spring
Penny is muscular and strong, but also sweet and calm. She is our current herd leader. Penny is an outstanding mother and is relaxed and patient on the milk stand. G6S normal by test.

 Wayward Saints Kam Ginger

DOB: 12/21/19
Sire: Til-Riv I K Polled Kameron
Dam: Jasper Farm OH Gwenda
Alpha-s1 Casein: A/A
Ginger is a sweetheart of a goat. She is easy to handle and great on the milk stand. She is our top milk producer. G6S normal by parentage.

  DJ'S Creek Marvel's Mavis

Sire: Goddard Farm Husker Power 
Dam: Foremost Bridgid's Marvel
Alpha-s1 Casein: A/B
We affectionately refer to her as "Crazy Mavis" because she is straight up nuts. She is super social and will not leave our side when we are in the pasture.
Wayward Saints GNO Naomi
DOB: 2/16/21
Sire: Goat Hollow Geno
Dam: Wayward Saints Kam Mary Lou
Naomi is a strong, vocal goat who does well on the milk stand. Her parents both have A/B Casein Markers, so she is guaranteed to have high casein production. G6S normal by parentage.
Frontier Nubians Lilly
Sire: Willow Bottoms Max 
Dam: Raspberry Hill Blanche
Lilly is a super special goat with amazing genetics. She has quickly become an important part of our herd. She has a calm temperament and is a good mother. 
Wayward Saints GNO Juno
DOB: 1/17/2022
Sire: Goat Hollow Geno
Dam: Wayward Saints Fiona
Juno is a beautiful blend of her parents. She has Geno's excellent body structure and strength, and Fiona's calm and sweet demeanor.
Wayward Saints Holly
DOB: 12/19/2021
Sire: Goat Hollow Geno
Dam: Wayward Saints KAM Ginger
Holly is a sassy and energetic goat. She is very vocal and loves attention. Her mother is our top milk producer, so we are excited about her potential. G6S normal by parentage.